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About us

Axon was established in 1998, as a management consulting firm specialising in Banking and Insurance. Axon focuses on building long term partnerships with our clients to help them build the bank of the future. This is realised through the enablement of an operating model that supports their objectives to be a universal financial services organisation that is client centric, digitised and informed by data driven insights. We achieve this by understanding our clients journeys and connecting business and technical experts to collaboratively build tailored solutions through an ongoing client centric solution management approach. To ensure our clients achieve maximum value from our multi-disciplinary teams, Axon offers a compliment of specialist skills in Finance, Risk and Compliance, Data & Analytics and Technology.

Our purpose as an organisation is to have an impact and achieve incredible results from the work we do together with our colleagues and clients. We are business experts as well as technical specialists. For us, professional services go far beyond just the services we offer; we are here to understand our clients’ challenges and opportunities better than anyone else. More than that: we are here to offer leadership. As a consulting company, we want to provide leadership for our clients and their industries – and society in general. We also aim to work with leading figures in every discipline and to help our people develop the expertise, network and profile to become leaders themselves.  


  • Established in 1998

  • Specialists in Banking and Insurance:

    • Finance and Treasury

    • Risk and Compliance

    • Technology

    • Data

    • Investment services

  • Business experts with technical skills

  • International reach, with offices in South Africa and the United Kingdom

  • 100+ dedicated professionals

  • 10 banking clients

  • Value driven service provider providing the best skills in the market

  • Bespoke technology solutions


  • Perfect track record

  • Dedicated and experienced account executives are assigned to understand challenges and requirements

  • Axon connects business and technical experts to customer journeys

  • These experts enable an operating model that supports the evolving needs of clients

  • Intellectual property, know-how and training material is applied by assigned experts to expedite results

  • Client relationships are maintained through an ongoing client centric problem management approach

  • Cloud based applications and bespoke technologies are developed for clients


  • Our core focus is to help our clients build the bank of the future

  • Our delivery models enables:

    • Client centricity and a 'one-bank' approach

    • Digitisation

    • Being a data-driven organisation

    • Universal financial service organisations

  • To create business and technical competency centres that enable customer journeys


Guided by our principles of intimate partnerships and user-centered design thinking, your business can achieve unprecedented simplicity, transformation and sustained competitive advantage. To ensure our clients get maximum value from our teams of skilled consultants, we have structured our consulting services into four areas of expertise. These capabilities can be pulled together to form multidisciplinary teams that create lasting impact and true transformation.



  • Core banking

  • Sub-ledger

  • General ledger 

  • Financial data repository and reporting tools

  • Budgeting and planning

  • Profitability and cost management



  • IFRS 9 compliance, solution design, development and implementation support

  • Credit risk software development

  • Credit risk advisory services

  • Financial modelling

  • Credit risk modeling, development and validation

  • Credit risk training, Credit process design and implementation

  • Credit model valuation and benchmarking

  • Risk data repository and risk reporting



  • Technology strategy and architecture

  • Systems implementation and integration

  • Intelligent process automation

  • Digitisation

  • Software solutions:

    • SAP

    • Oracle

    • Microsoft


Data and Analytics

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Business intelligence

  • Data visualisation

  • Data storytelling

  • Data science

  • Data architecture

  • Data governance

  • Data management

  • Data modelling and design

  • Data security


Investment Services

Equity Investment

Axon Investment Services (Pty) Limited is an equity investment holding company. The equity assets of the group include:

  • A listed equity portfolio

  • An unlisted portfolio of property related shares

  • An equity investment in the Catholic Institute of Education Investment Company

The management of Axon Investments Services provides corporate services for the group companies including:

  • Raising debt finance for group companies;

  • Providing corporate structuring advice to group companies; and

  • Provision of accounting and secretarial services to group companies.



''What's Freedom"' -  Benon Lutaaya

''What's Freedom"' - Benon Lutaaya

Since the 15 of January 2017, Axon has partnered with SAFFCA to host an Artists Residencies’ Program at Entabeni Farm in one of the obvious stops on the  South African Garden Route. The aims of the foundation are:

  • To give art exposure through passion
  • To support, nurture and promote the visual art and artists of the southern part of the African continent

  • To participate in linking local to global.

Two artists are usually working at the same time at Axon’s Eco estate in Knysna. The one artist is from the southern part of the African continent while the other one would come as often as possible from anywhere on the globe. These double residencies will facilitate true socio-cultural and artistic encounters. The three double residencies periods are: 15 January to the end of March, 1 April to 15 June and 15 September to the end of November. The program is already established up to the end of 2018 and is extremely well received by overseas artists.

Axon is offering the artists within the framework of the SAFFCA residencies program the possibility to reside and work on their premises on the 39 hectares on which Entabeni Farm is established.

For further information, visit the website at www.saffca.com






Accelerate Your Career

  • At Axon, we are all equal. Just like with our clients, we treat our employees as partners.

  • Our top tier client exposure offers you access and exposure to the latest technologies, industry leaders and trends to give you the most rewarding experience. All of this is applicable across the various disciplines that Axon operates in.

  • We provide opportunities to take part in wealth-creation opportunities that focus on your longer-term financial objectives.

  • As we know that a happy team is a successful team, we host a number of social events throughout the year.

  • Axon is more than an employer; we seek to partner with those who are also invested in Axon with an entrepreneurial mindset. Whether you are a technical specialist who is key to deliver on Axon's projects, or are also looking for something more than just an employer, consider Axon as your next career move.


What We Look For

  • At Axon we invest in leaders who are self-starters, analytical thinkers and subject matter experts in their field of expertise.

  • Innovation is everywhere in Axon. We regularly collaborate with our clients and our colleagues on projects, technologies and ideas that have never been explored before, to find greater ways to impact the world around us.

  • We look for individuals who will either help us drive this change or be part of the team(s) who makes this change a reality at our clients.

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Contact Details:

Email: kevin@axon.co.za

Physical Address:

6th floor, PPS Place

7 Anerley Road




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