Financial Management Information (FMI) Programme

The aim of the FMI programme is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of financial management information and reporting, in line with the finance strategy. This is achieved through the rationalisation and standardisation of the MI and reporting processes across the group, combined with the alignment and integration of data and reporting.

Risk Aggregation and Reporting (BCBS 239)

Axon is assisting one of the largest banks in Africa to evolve their programme administration and data analysis functions, as part of their risk data aggregation and risk reporting programmes. Axon is ensuring BCBS 239 data principles compliance through improving data attestation, data profiling and data quality assurance, as well as providing project management services.

Sub-ledger Programme

The purpose of the sub-ledger programme is to implement an accounting and credit risk sub-ledger for one of the largest banks in Africa across their Retail Banking and Corporate Investment Banking business units globally.

General Ledger Implementation Project

Axon has been selected through a rigorous RFP (request for proposal) process to deliver the Oracle Fusion – General Ledger Implementation project for an African Bank operating across multiple jurisdictions in Africa and the UAE.

CIB and RBB MI Programmes

The purpose of the CIB and RBB MI Programmes is to define and execute the financial reporting strategy of the Corporate Investment Bank and Retail Bank of one of the largest banks in Africa.

Budgeting & Planning Optimisation

Axon is providing budgeting and planning consulting services to one of the largest banks in Africa and is delivering their group-level finance information pack (FIP) through the optimisation of the bank's technology investments.

Intercompany & Consolidation Projects

Axon is providing project management and business analysis services to the intercompany and business consolidation projects of an African bank to resolve the group consolidation issues the bank is experiencing.

Finance Business Intelligence Centre of Excellence

Axon established a Finance Business Intelligence (FBI) Centre of Excellence to support all business intelligence requirements within one of the largest banks in Africa.

Finance Data Repository

Axon was engaged by one of the largest financial services institutions in Africa to provide business intelligence (BI) development and BI period processing support in the SAP Business Warehouse (BW) project environment.

Core Banking Programme

The objective of core banking programme is to enable the ultimate decommissioning of legacy systems at one of the largest banks in Africa through the functionality delivered on the SAP target state architecture.

Universal Reporting Value Stream Program

The overall goal of the program is to drive and assess performance management based on client focus, risk and conduct, employee engagement and financial outcomes for the Group on a universal platform. Assessing, developing and managing one view of a client to enable improvements in client experience , improved scorecard management, employee productivity, minimising risk and measurement of financial performance to ultimately drive growth in shareholder value.

Retail & Commercial Banking Portfolio Management Tool

The Retail and Commercial Banking business has undergone a significant restructure which resulted in finance building the capability to provide geographic reporting down to a customer level. The overarching solution, a Portfolio Management Tool (“PMT”), only provides the enablement of regional service providers (Provincial heads, Area heads and ultimately the Account Executives) to track actual performance in order to drive behaviour towards supporting the bank’s client centric strategy. The overall aim is to design a conceptual solution, standardise, enhance, build and optimise the management tool in line with the broader Group Data Governance Structures to enable sustainability, scalability, accuracy at the required measures and dimensions to drive the baseline (actuals & budgeting) to deliver the Group’s target state for client centricity.


The IFRS9 Financial Instruments accounting standard is a new reporting standard replacing the existing IAS 39 accounting standard. The improvements introduced by IFRS 9 includes a logical model for classification and measurement, a single, forward-looking ‘expected loss’ impairment model and a substantially-reformed approach to hedge accounting.

IFRS 9 Implementation

With the introduction of IFRS 9, Axon Risk has been actively involved in assisting our clients with a smooth transition from IAS 39 to IFRS 9. The activities to date have focused primarily on bench marking IFRS 9 designs against the accounting standards, validation of IFRS risk inputs, completion of IFRS 9 frameworks and policies, and the development of IFRS 9 calculators for numerous banking entities.

Post IFRS 9 World

With the implementation phase completed, the teams focus will shift to assisting our clients with validating and enhancing IFRS 9 implementations and integrating the IFRS 9 solutions with stress testing, capital and business planning.

IFRS 9 Calculator

As part of our post IFRS 9 World strategy, Axon has developed an IFRS 9 engine that will allow integration of data sources across risk and finance, provide a comprehensive library of data validations, run multiple scenario calculations simultaneously and provide a framework for improved governance and reporting. By combining the skills across the Axon Group, we are able to service our clients with turnkey solutions.

Risk Reporting and Analytics Modernisation

Axon has designed and is implementing a credit and market risk reporting and analytics modernisation roadmap, which speaks to the innovation of technologies, methodologies and behavior, to transform the business into a more modern, more efficient and effective working environment. General automation, guided and self-service business intelligence, machine learning for predictive analytics and robotic process automations are some of the technologies and methodologies that are part of this risk intelligence journey. 

Credit Risk Data Feed Redevelopment Programme

The aim of this credit risk reporting project is to increase the efficiency and accuracy of credit risk reporting for foreign operations of one of the largest banks in Africa through the codification, rationalisation and standardisation of regulatory information. The programme is focused on redeveloping and streamlining source system data feeds into the system which monitors corporate credit exposure within a CIB environment.

Credit Risk Data Repository

Axon was appointed to Assist with the development of a risk data platform (RDP) solution architecture to ultimately host market and credit risk data. Axon's services have included but are not limited to the following:

  • Assisting with data growth and data take-on for both market and credit risk data

  • Providing support services to the existing RDP solution

  • Assisting with enriching technical deficit

  • Aligning the RDP architecture to RDARR principles and requirements

  • Assisting with an app-store interface

  • Implement an enabling platform for market and credit Risk regulatory reporting

  • Supporting the migration of data from the legacy market risk solution into the new market and credit risk solution

Investment Banking Technology Imperium Solution

Axon is assisting with the implementation of the Imperium MI Solution an interactive business analytics solution using Microsoft Power BI and is a first of its kind in the IB space. It allows the bank to consume opportunity, transactional and accounting data, standardize it and create Investment Banking (IB) business specific views showing the lifecycle of an IB business transaction.  The current views allow IB users to track revenues and revenue variances, understand IB loan exposure concentration and loan roll off.  The solution  is used to obtain key metrics and support FRANCO reporting.